Golden seal

â– lydrastis canadensis 'art used Rhizomes iolden seal is named for its rhizome's haracteristic yellow color, and it was ised as both a dye and a medicine by lative Americans. It is still beloved by erbalists today, who regard it as a bitter igestive stimulant, an astringent tonic 3r the mucous membranes and a potent road-spectrum antimicrobial remedy, ome of its most medically important Ikaloids are also present in other plants .uch as barberry and Indian barberry), nd these are now largely used in its lace, because golden seal has become idangered by over-harvesting.


t Cherokees pounded golden seal rhizomes th bear fat to make an insect repellent.
Each seed in the milk thistle bears a tuft of white hairs that help it to become airborne.

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