Endorsing local traditions

Approaching the same goal from a different but equally rigorous angle, ethnobotanists explore the role that

the San people will benefit through a groundbreaking royalty agreement vviih Ihe medicine developers. In the meanlime. Ihe herb is in danger of extinction due to unscrupulous overharvesting. and some of the products on sale in the United Slates and Europe are alleged lo be counterfeit, containing little or no hoodia.

Morphine, an addictive drug, is derived from the white latex that weeps from the opium poppy's capsule when it is wounded (see also page 93).

herbs and other plants play in different societies and cultures. The World Health Organization (WHO) recognizes that many people around the world rely on local traditional remedies for their healthcare, and that - particularly in developing countries - these are often more affordable than pharmaceuticals. In the future, ethnobotany will continue to play an important role in documenting these traditional practices so that their safety and efficacy can be evaluated and, where appropriate, endorsed by local healthcare providers.

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