Symphytum officinale Traditionally used to heal strains, sprains and fractures

Comfrey was once widely used internally as well as externally to encourage broken bones to heal, and was so highly regarded for this use that it was also known by the names "knitbone" and 'boneset." However, following the revelation that some of its compounds (known as pyrrolidine alkaloids) are potentially toxic, these days its use is restricted to topical applications.

As well as being used for fractures, comfrey helps soothe and take the swelling out of strains and sprains. 0 IX >S \<iK Juice the fresh aerial parts of the comfrey plant, and mix into a cream or ointment base using a ratio of 1 part comfrey to 5 parts base cream. Apply to the affected area as required. Alternatively, blend a few fresh leaves from a comfrey plant into a pulp and make a poultice from them. For detailed instructions, see page 194. If you don't have access to a comfrey plant, commercial cream and ointments are also available.

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