Stellaria media

Soothes itches and relieves rashes

Cooling chickweed is a traditional remedy for all manner of itchy skin conditions, so it's useful to have on hand to relieve rashes and bites. It may also be useful in soothing the irritation and itch of urticaria or hives.

0 DOS \OE Juice the fresh aerial parts of the chickweed plant, and mix into a cream or ointment base using a ratio of

1 part chickweed to 5 parts base cream. Apply to the affected area as required. Alternatively, use a commercially prepared cream in the same way.

New Zealand tea tree

The essential oil of the New Zealand tea tree or manuka (/,e/)ir¬ęp<Tmum scofiarium) is strongly antimicrobial and can be diluted and used to disinfect wounds. A particularly important remedy is honey from liees that graze on manuka. Manuka honey contains a compound called Inique Manuka Factor (UMF). which supercharges its ability to heal infections. Extensive research at the University of Waikato in New Zealand has demonstrated that high-UMF honey disinfects wounds and also encourages them to heal, making it an ideal dressing for leg ulcers and other slow-healing skin infections. High-UMF honey is labeled as "active manuka" honey. Other manuka honeys without the "active" label lor a UMF rating of at least 10) are not likely to be as potent.

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