Arnica montano

Reduces bruising and repairs swollen or injured tissue

Topical applications of arnica have traditionally been used to reduce bruising and stimulate the healing of muscles and other soft tissues after trauma. As long as the skin is not broken, arnica can be rubbed into sprains, strains, swollen joints, fractures and dislocations. It is also used internally in extremely dilute homoeopathic preparations, and although this use is controversial in the medical world, several clinical trials have been published that suggest arnica may have a beneficial effect. For example, marathon runners have been documented to experience less muscle soreness when they take homoeopathic arnica pills in the days before and after a race. 0 |)<)S \(!K Apply arnica cream, ointment or infused oil to the affected area 3 times per day. For internal use, take commercially prepared homoeopathic arnica pills or liquid in the strength 30x (sometimes labeled 30D) according to the manufacturer's instructions.

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