Breaking the cycle of skin eruptions can be a living hell. Try these herbal solutions for treating problem skin.

The chaste tree is also called monks' pepper because it was once used to suppress libido.

number of acne lesions and the severity of their acne when they used a tea-tree oil gel over a 6-week period. A previous study had already shown that tea-tree gel had a similar level of efficacy to benzoyl peroxide (also used topically for the treatment of acne), but with a much lower incidence of side effects. 0 DOS \U In these scientific studies, a gel containing 5 percent tea-tree essential oil was used - a more concentrated preparation may have yielded even more impressive results, but may also have increased the risk of side effects (see Coutions). To replicate the study conditions at home, apply tea-tree gel to the affected area twice a day, washing it off with water after 20 minutes.

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