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Highly Recommended

Recently several visitors of blog have asked me about this manual, which is being advertised quite widely across the Internet. So I decided to buy a copy myself to find out what all the publicity was about.

My opinion on this e-book is, if you do not have this e-book in your collection, your collection is incomplete. I have no regrets for purchasing this.

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Many Japanese festivals are based on the seasons. Setsubun, meaning dividing of the seasons, takes place around February 3 to celebrate the beginning of spring according to the lunar calendar. The main activity of this festival is mamemaki, or bean-throwing. As part of an ancient custom, roasted soybeans are thrown outside the home to keep demons out and thrown inside to attract good fortune. This ritual is often performed by the head of the family, but children usually join in the fun, sometimes wearing scary masks. As they scatter the beans they chant, Oni wa soto Fuku wa uchi meaning, Devils out Happiness in Afterward, it is considered good luck to pick up and eat one soybean for each year in one's life, plus one more for the coming year. Temples and shrines hold public mamemaki ceremonies, often featuring actors, sumo wrestlers, and other celebrities.

Origin botanical facts

The quince became a symbol of love and happiness, a symbolism that lasted into the Middle Ages. Quince was eaten at weddings, shared by brides and grooms as a token of their love. Medieval English manuscripts contain recipes mentioning char de Quynce, the old name for quince marmalade. In fact, the word marmalade is derived from the Portuguese word for quince, marmelo. Today the quince is cultivated throughout the Mediterranean, in South America, and in the United States, where California is the leading producer.

Sovereign of an Empire

If Lydia Maria Child and those who followed were writing for ''those who are not ashamed of economy,'' then their implicit antagonists were those who were ashamed of economy. Who were they Child provided several clues. She thought she confronted a situation in the late 1820s in which ''our wealthy people copy all the foolish and extravagant caprice of European fashion.'' Lamentably, ''people of moderate fortune'' were being misled into aping them ''I would ask, Is it wise to risk your happiness in a foolish attempt to keep up with the opulent '' Child echoed John Winthrop's indictment of England almost exactly two hundred years before. Then in England, as now in America, so it seemed, fashionable extravagance had tempted people to live beyond their means ''We are growne to that height of Intemperance in all excesse of Riott, as noe mans estate allmost will suffice to keepe saile with his equals & he whoe failes herein, must live in scorne & contempt.''38

Harvest Pumpkin Pie Cheesecake

My book fits in the self-help category. You may wonder what self-help has to do with pumpkin cheesecake. Well, just like my Harvest Pumpkin Pie Cheesecake (YUM ), the book is spicy, loaded with zest and spunk. And believe it or not, I mention cheesecake three times in the book. No, it's not one of the 9 habits of maximum happiness. But it comes pretty close Here is an excerpt from Chapter 8 - Great Expectations. I hope you enjoy the book as much as I know you'll enjoy the cheesecake. Excerpt from CLIMB YOUR STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN THE 9 HABITS OF MAXIMUM HAPPINESS (ISBN 0-595-17826-X) And we have to move them. God doesn't make orange juice, God makes oranges, Jesse Jackson says. God doesn't make happiness either. He gives wonderful things to be happy about. We don't find ever-lasting love, despite what the songs say we make love everlasting when we want the love we have. Yum That tastes great. Now you can sit back and enjoy a good book, like CLIMB YOUR STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN THE 9 HABITS OF...

Sweet Sour Apple Strussel Cheesecake Setting the Scene

Excerpt from Climb your Stairway to Heaven the 9 habits of maximum happiness (ISBN 0-595-17826-X) Mmmm-mm. Apples and cheese taste good together any time of year, and this cheesecake just brings out the best of both. At this point, the author of Climb your Stairway to Heaven the 9 habits of maximum happiness (that's me.) is supposed to tell you something about himself (that's also me.). So here's another excerpt from my official biography

Setting the Scene

By now, most readers will have surmised that I love cheesecake. I've included several mentions in my book, including one in an exercise. Did I mention the exercises, the pop quizzes, the quotations, the humour and wit, the puns, the energy and the cave-style cartoons Yes, it's a self-help book. No, it doesn't look like one or read like one. This book is plain and simple fun as well as helping every one of us increase our happiness. Here's an excerpt from Chapter 9 - Happy Thanksgiving. Excerpt from Climb your Stairway to Heaven the 9 habits of maximum happiness (ISBN 0-595-17826-X)

Ningbo Glutinous Rice Dumplings Filled with Sesame Seed Paste

This is a famous dessert or snack from Ningbo, in the Zhejiang provirm During the Chinese New Year it is symbolic of family happiness. Ii is tUo appreciated in other areas as well and available frozen in American nese markets. The frozen ones are large, but of good quality homemudi ones, however, are much better all you need is a little patience.

Introducing the remedies

Holly helps release feelings of anger, aggression, jealousy and hatred, and encourages a positive, open outlook. Honeysuckle is for people who are stuck in the past, reliving either their past mistakes or past happiness. Hornbeam supports people who procrastinate because they are so overwhelmed by the tasks before them that they feel exhausted before they begin. Impatiens is for critical, irritable or impulsive people who are easily frustrated by the slowness of others. Larch builds self-confidence in those people who consider themselves inferior to others, and helps overcome an expectation of failure. Mimulus helps heal fears and phobias, ranging from anxiety about public speaking to fear of illness or death. Mustard brings clarity and light during times of despair and despondency. Oak helps determined, driven people to realize when it is time to sit back and take a rest, or perhaps to realize that their goal is neither achievable nor worth striving for. Olive brings renewed energy...

Michael Wildt

Looking at Germany in 1945, no-one would have expected that only a decade later its western part would become a prosperous country and a democratic state eager to rejoin the international community of civilised nations. Indeed, the immediate post-war years were full of political, economic and moral chaos (Schwarz, 1990, p. 152). It was feared, then, that this chaos would lead to a second Weimar Republic with its catastrophic aftermath, and many longed for a modern, democratic and prosperous society. Full and downright assimilation to western norms would bring the desired objective within reach. This implied a change of social behaviour and values, which, according to R. Dahrendorf, would have to include for Germany the pursuit of happiness and economic individualism (Dahrendorf, 1961, p. 297). In this essay I wish to investigate to what extent the West-German attitude towards (food) consumption changed during the 1950s, and to what extent the rhetoric of (food) consumption revealed...


Early Greeks wove marjoram into funeral wreaths and planted it on graves to symbolize their loved ones' happiness both in life and beyond. There are many species of this ancient herb, which is a member of the mint family. The most widely available is sweet marjoram, usually simply called marjoram. It has oval, inch-long, pale green leaves and a mild, sweet, oreganolike flavor. In fact, wild marjoram is another name for Oregano. Marjoram is available fresh in some produce markets and supermarkets with large fresh-herb sections. More often, it is found dried in small bottles or cans. There's also a very hardy species called pot marjoram, which has a stronger, slightly bitter flavor. It's found throughout Mediterranean countries but rarely seen in the United States. Marjoram can be used to flavor a variety of foods, particularly meats (especially lamb and veal) and vegetables. Because marjoram's flavor is so delicate, it's best added toward the end of the cooking time so its essence...

Whats My Wine

It's been a beautiful Summer here at the Inn. This afternoon I was lazing on the porch reflecting on the abundance of joy and happiness that we have shared with our guests, friends and general wellwishers, when, much to my delight, I spied an ancient Citroen huffing it's way up the driveway. The banging of steel on steel accompanied by noxious exhaust fumes announced the arrival of our local grape-grower and vintner, Pierre LaBouche, of LaBouche Freres Winery. What a delight to see him