Zinc and Magnesium

In addition to being 2 minerals that are deficient in the diets of many athletes, these 2 have a great sleep-improving effect.

For those who travel a great deal or have difficulty sleeping, zinc and magnesium supplements are usually a god-send. Zinc and magnesium don't necessarily induce sleep - they just deepen it. Commercial zinc/magnesium supplements are often called ZMA.

"Ten grams of total fish oil - or about three grams of combined EPA and DHA - per day can boost metabolism while boosting your health."

Nutrition and

Nutrition and

Eating for health and optimal body composition means three things - eating the right amount of food; eating the right kind of food, and eating at the right times.

In this book, we're showing you the right kind of food to eat. However if you want to have a great physique, you're going to have to eat the right amount - in other words watch your energy intake and make sure you're not overeating.

One way to make this process easier is to boost your metabolic rate. While there are many ways to boost your metabolism (including specific exercise, supplement, and overall macronutrient strategies), one simple way is to add a little fish oil into your diet.

Now, sure you've heard of the benefits of omega 3's. But we're not just talking about omega 3s here. We're talking about 2 specific fats found in fish oil -EPA and DHA. EPA and DHA are 2 fats found only in marine animals (salmon oil is the best known source) that have been found to offer benefits such as powerful antioxidant, anti-cancer, & anti-inflammatory effects; increased lean mass, decreased fat mass; better blood sugar management, and more.

Recently, studies have also shown that taking a few grams of EPA and DHA per day can speed up metabolic rate by about 400 kcal per day. Imagine that, pop 2-3 fish oil capsules with each meal and you can afford to eat an additional meal each and every day. Talk about exciting news.

So if you're interested in improving your health and speeding up your metabolism, swim upstream with the salmon. Ten grams of total fish oil - or about three grams of combined EPA and DHA - per day can boost metabolism while boosting your health substantially.

Weight Loss Resolutions

Weight Loss Resolutions

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