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"We refuse to accept that poor digestion is a natural consequence of eating well."

Nutrition and

Nutrition and

With food quality going down and overall stress levels going up, it's no surprise that digestive health is becoming more and more of a concern - with an estimated 22% of the US population suffering from a digestive disease.

Some individuals believe that this high rate of digestive disease is due to stress. Others think it's due to an increase in food allergies. We think it's an interaction of the two.

Although full blown food allergy is severe, less severe allergies (which are difficult to diagnose) are finally getting some attention and many people now have an explanation for their regular gas, abdominal distention, abdominal cramping, diarrhea, constipation, or other GI abnormalities.

Although most old school weightlifters learned to live with GI distress, we refuse to accept that poor digestion is a natural consequence of eating well. Therefore, we've developed a 6 step plan for helping our clients reduce gastrointestinal symptoms.

1) We begin to rotate their protein powders (never ingesting the same powder on consecutive days). We usually cycle through 3 different powders (including different types of protein).

2) If #1 doesn't produce relief, we add an animal based digestive enzyme like OmegaZyme in order to help with digestion of all foodstuffs. Since we've seen favorable activity data on this enzyme, we're comfortable recommending it.

3) If #2 doesn't produce relief, we add an enteric coated acidophilus supplement to attempt to populate the GI tract with healthy bacteria.

4) If #3 doesn't produce relief, we remove all protein supplements, replacing them with whole food protein sources.

5) If #4 doesn't work, we begin slowly (one at a time) removing the main food allergens (wheat, corn, nuts, fish, eggs). If 2 weeks of removing a specific food doesn't help, we add that food back in and remove another one and so on.

6) If none of these interventions help, it's time to seek medical attention.

With this 6-step system we've been able to help virtually all of our clients shake whatever nasty GI complaints they've been suffering from.

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