Value Added

Value added means that as the food product passes through the processing channels, it becomes a more valuable or a more expensive commodity. If you were looking for the best price on fresh strawberries, you would need to drive to a "pick-your-own" strawberry farm. There you would be able to buy berries cheaper than anywhere else. However, the time invested in the drive to pick the berries needs to be considered. When a delivery person drops off strawberries at your back door, even though they cost more than the farm price, there is value added for the convenience of the delivery.

Some products are labor intensive. If we purchase unshelled shrimp, someone in our kitchens will need to shell and devein the shrimp before we can use them. If we purchase shelled and de-veined shrimp, the price per pound is higher, but the product is recipe ready. There is thus value added to the shelled and deveined shrimp. If you have employees that have free time, then it is wise to purchase the unshelled product. If your employees are too busy to shell the shrimp, it is wise to purchase the value-added product.

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