Lw Simplified Mathematics Review Problems

1. What is the formula for a portion factor?

2. What is the formula for a portion divider?

3. We serve a 5-ounce portion of taco meat. We have the option of purchasing taco meat for $3.25 a pound with an 87 percent yield or taco meat for $2.25 a pound with a 67 percent yield.

a. Which product offers us better value?

b. If the price per pound changes from $3.25 to $3.49 and from $2.25 to $2.75, which product now offers us better value?

4. The food and beverage director has decided to have a set menu in the restaurant for Easter Sunday dinner. The forecast is 300 covers. The menu is:

Pork tenderloin: $3.95 per pound, 87% yield, 6-ounce portion Broccoli: $1.29 pound, 63% yield, 4-ounce portion size Baked potato: 8.00 per case of 80 each, portion size is 1 each Peach pie: $4.00 per pie, yield 8 slices, portion size 1 slice

Using Table 9.2 on the next page, how much product do we need to purchase and how much does one cover cost?

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