bones and trimmings per litre) resimmered with onions, carrots, parsley, bay leaf, cloves, and finely chopped dill before clarifying and straining. A little dry white wine may be added. Often served with katushki. ukoy Philippines A fritter of peeled shrimps mixed with chopped spring onions, in a rice or wheat flour batter. Fried and served with vinegar and minced garlic. Ukraine eggs Eastern Europe Very intricately decorated hard-boiled eggs. A peasant art form in the Ukraine dating back to 1000 BC at least.

uleg-uleg Indonesia A ceramic pestle that goes with a matching mortar (cobek) ulekan Indonesia A small deep granite or other hard rock mortar and pestle uliva Italy Olive

Ulloa Spain A semi-hard cows' milk cheese similar to Tetilla cast in 1 kg discs ulluco The pink or yellow tubers of a half hardy perennial yam, Ullucus tuberosus, from South America. It can be grown in the UK.

Ullucus tuberosus Botanical name Ulluco Ulster roll Ireland A boned bacon joint from Northern Ireland which is cured, dry-salted, soaked in water then dried and smoked. Also called spencer ultracongelado Spain Deep-frozen ultra-heat treated (A liquid) which has been rapidly heated to 132°C, held at this temperature for 1 to 2 seconds (up to 6 minutes for some products), then rapidly cooled, generally in a stainless steel plate heat exchanger through which the liquid flows as a very thin film. This treatment sterilizes the liquid without too much change in its flavour. However the process does not necessarily destroy enzymes which may induce rancidity after several months. Also called UHT, long life, extended life uluhaal Sri Lanka Fenugreek ulutham South Asia Black gram ulva Sea laver

Ulzama Spain A semi-hard ewes' milk cheese from Navarra made in cylinders to 2 kg. The white dense paste has a strong flavour and a few holes and is covered in a brown rind. umani Japan Vegetables simmered in dashi flavoured with soya sauce, mirin, sugar and salt, added to the broth in order of cooking times. Garnished with very fine strands of mooli.

umble pie Humble pie umbles The edible entrails of deer or other game animals umbra Spain Arctic char umbra, all' Italy In the style of Umbria, i.e.

with an anchovy, tomato and truffle sauce umbrella mushroom Parasol mushroom ume Japan Plum umeboshi Japan Dried plums which are them pickled umeboshi plum A Japanese apricot, coloured with red shiso leaves and pickled in salt. It has a tart salty flavour and is served at the end of a meal as a digestive and is also used in cooking. It may be pureed for use as the souring agent bainiku. ume shiso zuke Japan Tiny pickled plums with shiso umido Italy Stew umido, in Italy 1. Braised 2. Stewed. umngqusho South Africa Samp and dry cowpeas or similar (2:1) soaked in water overnight, drained then simmered on a low heat for 1 to 2 hours until all the water is absorbed, adding water as required. Seasoned and served hot. (note: Said to be Nelson Mandela's favourite dish.) unagi Japan Freshwater eel unbleached flour Flour which has not been treated with a bleaching agent to whiten the colour unchun Thailand A natural blue colour obtained from the petals of a local plant. Often used to colour jicama and water chestnuts for dessert use. uncooked curd Curd for cheese making which has not been heated to more than 40°C

Undaria pinnatifida Botanical name Wakame undercushion of veal United Kingdom The thick longitudinal muscle at the rear outside of a leg of veal equivalent to silverside of beef with the same uses as cushion of veal. Also called undernut of veal underdone Still red or pink in the centre of the meat after cooking. Also called rare undernut of veal United Kingdom

Undercushion of veal Ungarische Art Germany In the Hungarian style, i.e. with paprika ung choi China Swamp cabbage ung choy Swamp cabbage uni Japan Sea urchin, often presented in a nori basket as sushi univalve Gastropod unleavened Without any natural or chemical raising agent unleavened bread Bread made from flour, water and salt without using a raising agent or incorporating air

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