Soufflé Mold

Brioche Pan

Soufflé Mold

Fluted, Oblong Tart Pan

Tart Pan

Brioche Pan

Springform Pan

Tart Pan

Pans and Molds The type of mold or pan used will depend on the type of baked good that is being made. What type of pan or mold wouldyou commonly choose to bake a cheesecake?

Reel Oven

With shelves that move or rotate like a Ferris wheel, a reel oven is used when all items need the same baking conditions. In other words, a reel oven bakes a quantity of similar items evenly. All items are exposed to the same temperature and humidity.

A reel oven is also called a rotating or revolving oven because its shelves rotate within the oven chamber. Also, the movement of the baked goods creates convection currents similar to those made by a convection fan. Reel ovens are easier to load and unload than deck ovens because you do not have to bend down or reach up.

I Define What is a sheeter?

Bakeshop Smallwares

A commercial bakeshop needs many different hand tools for cutting, molding, scooping, dividing, and finishing. Many tools are used to form, cut, glaze, and decorate

Bread Molder This bread molder can mold bread products, and can produce rolls, buns, or specialty breads. What type of establishment would be likely to use this machine?

different baked products. Depending on the function of a particular bakeshop, however, the equipment used may vary greatly.

Pans, Molds, and Rings

Bakeshop pans are available in many types, sizes, shapes, and thicknesses. Choosing the correct pan for the job is important because it can affect the final outcome of the product. The surface of a pan will affect the outcome of the product, too. A pan with a shiny surface will reflect some heat away during the baking process so there is less surface browning. A pan with a darker surface tends to retain the heat.

The correct size and shape of baking pan is important in obtaining good texture, height, and appearance. If you put too much batter in a cake pan, the cake will rise and spill over the top. The cake may also collapse. On the other hand, if the pan is too large or the sides too high, the sides will shield the batter from the heat of the oven and slow down the baking process. This results in an overbrowned cake with poor volume and texture.


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