Yeast Dough Production

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Think of an Example Look over the Key Concepts for this section. Think of an example of how or when you could use one of the skills from the Key Concepts. Thinking of how you might apply a skill can help motivate your learning by showing you why the skill is important.

tj Mathematics

NCTM Number and tj Mathematics

NCTM Number and

Read to Learn

Content Vocabulary

Operations Compute

Key Concepts


• bench rest

fluently and make

• Describe the mixing methods for


• shape

reasonable estimates.

yeast doughs.

• modified straight-

• seams

NCTM Measurement

• Outline the stages in properly

dough method

j pan loaf

Understand measurable

preparing yeast doughs.

• sponge method

• free-form

attributes of objects and

• Demonstrate the baking of quality

• preferment


the units, systems, and pro-

yeast breads.

• let down

• pan

cesses of measurement.

• Illustrate how to cool, store, and

• continuous bread-

• proof

serve yeast breads.


• wash

NCTE National Council of Teachers

Main Idea

• punch

• slash

of English

• rounded

• dock

NCTM National Council of Teachers

Yeast dough production requires

• bench box

• oven spring

of Mathematics

proper mixing and careful preparation.

NSES National Science Education

A baker must learn to avoid common

Academic Vocabulary


causes of failure when preparing yeast

• critical

• correspond

NCSS National Council for the


Social Studies

Graphic Organizer

Use this sequence chart to list the four stages of baking in sequence.

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