The Service Staff

Quality customer service is very important to a restaurant business. It is one of the things that keep customers satisfied. Satisfied customers will come back to the restaurant. Well-prepared meals and a charming atmosphere will not offset, or compensate for, slow or inefficient service. You must know how to provide quality customer service to be a successful part of the service team.

Customers expect skilled and friendly service, consistency in the quality of the food, and a clean, comfortable environment. Customers who are greeted with a smile feel welcome. Customers will feel more relaxed if they can make eye contact with servers. Going beyond what customers expect gives a business a good reputation. A reputation is the overall quality or character of a person or business. A good reputation improves the chance of repeat business because customers will return.

No employee can afford to be rude or unskilled when serving customers or resolving their complaints. If there is a problem with an order, the food, or the service, the server should bring the problem to the manager's attention. The manager should then recognize the issue and resolve the complaint quickly and positively. The host, server, busser, and cashier are all members of a restaurant's service team. Each member of the service team plays a key role to ensure the success of the foodservice operation. The service staff is also sometimes called the front-of-the-house staff, because they work outside of the kitchen.


The host is the employee who greets the customers by smiling warmly and welcoming them. The host should make an effort to recognize customers who visit frequently. The host also is in charge of the reservation system. A reservation is an arrangement to have a table held for a customer at a specific time.

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