The Biscuit Method

Biscuits are a popular baked item in many foodservice operations. They are typically served at breakfast. Biscuits vary in shape, size, and filling, and are simple to make. Proper mixing is the key to producing quality biscuits. Overmixing will produce tough biscuits.

The basic ingredients in biscuits are flour, a leavening agent, shortening, sugar, salt, and milk. Sometimes eggs and butter are used to improve quality and flavor.

Eggs also build structure. They increase the volume of biscuits by acting as a natural leavening agent. If you decide to add eggs to your biscuit mixture, you will need to adjust the amount of other leavening agents.

The biscuit method is used most often when you make dough products such as biscuits and scones. As you have read, the biscuit method involves cutting in the fat with the dry ingredients. This method typically is performed by using a mixer on low speed. Be careful not to overmix.

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