Small Bites

Crumb the Table Crumbing is the process of removing crumbs that may have accumulated during the meal. The proper way to crumb a table is to fold a service towel into a small square and use it to brush the particles onto a small plate. Some manufacturers make crumbing sets with a scraper.

It is expensive to operate a foodservice business. If servers do not accurately charge customers, profit will be lost. Managers generally double-check the accuracy of checks.

Hand-Calculated Checks

There are still a few foodservice operations where servers need to calculate the check by hand. Do this away from the customers' table and use a calculator. To prepare the check, list all of the charges and double-check that the prices are correct. Next, add the prices of all the food and beverage items. This is the subtotal. Then, add the sales tax to the subtotal. This gives you the grand total.

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