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Ending Employment There may come a time when you must terminate your employment. Always try to leave on good terms. Give at least two weeks' notice before leaving to give your employer time to find your replacement. Work as hard during those weeks as you did before you gave notice.

Behaving ethically also means taking responsibility. If you make a mistake, you should admit it. Responsible employees learn from their mistakes and change their behavior to make better choices.

I Explain What are some responsibilities that a worker owes to his or her employer?

Ethical Behavior

Ethical behavior means doing what is right. Your ethics ('e-thiks) are your internal guidelines to distinguish right from wrong. Much of the time, it is easy to recognize the ethical course of action. When two choices appear equally right or equally wrong, ask yourself the following questions:

• Does the choice comply with the law?

• Is the choice fair to those involved?

• Has the choice been communicated to me honestly?

• Will I feel embarrassed or guilty about the choice?

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