Small Bites

Egg Size and Storage Most standardized recipes assume that large eggs will be used. Keep these storage tips in mind for eggs:

• Store eggs in their original containers or in covered containers.

• Store eggs away from foods with strong flavors or odors, such as onions.

• Thaw frozen eggs in the refrigerator and use them in baked dishes that will be thoroughly cooked.

and other recipes that call for beaten eggs. For example, a soufflé (su-'fla), or puffed egg dish that is baked in the oven, can be made with frozen egg yolks and frozen egg whites.

Dried Eggs Dried eggs are dehydrated ((,)de-lhl-1drat-9d). This means that the water is removed. Dried eggs have a long shelf life. They are used in commercial foodservice operations.

of egg would you use for scrambled eggs, poached eggs, and hard-cooked eggs?

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