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Review Key Concepts

1. Describe the function of a starter.

2. List products that can be made from a soft medium dough.

3. Summarize the characteristics of a quality croissant.

Practice Culinary Academics l^j Science

4. Procedure Make a yeast balloon. Take a balloon and stretch it out by blowing it up a few times. Add a packet of yeast and 2 tablespoons of sugar to 1 cup of very warm water. Once the yeast and sugar have dissolved, pour the mixture into a bottle and stretch the balloon over the mouth of the bottle.

Analysis What happens to the balloon? Keep a log of any events, and write a summary of what happened, and why you think any changes occurred.

NSES B Develop an understanding of chemical reactions.

^^ Mathematics

5. Christine has baked 80 croissants to sell at her bakery. Each croissant costs Christine $0.60 to make, and she sells each one for $1.25. How many croissants must Christine sell during the day to cover the cost of the products used to make the croissants?

iMH^fflflE Calculating Profit Calculate profit with the formula Profit = Income-Expenses. A positive result represents a profit, while a negative answer indicates a loss. The break-even point occurs when income = expenses. Starting Hint Christine's expenses will equal 80 X $0.60 = $48. Determine the break-even point by calculating the number of croissants (x) needed for income to equal expenses: $1.25(x) = $48. The next whole number higher than x will represent a profit.

NCTM Algebra Use mathematical models to represent and understand quantitative relationships.

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You must carefully prepare yeast dough for it to rise correctly.

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