The HACCP System

Reading Guide

Recognize important safety procedures in a professional kitchen.

Before You Read

Get a Notepad It is normal to have questions when you read. Write down questions while reading. Many of them will be answered if you continue. If they are not, you will have a list ready for your teacher when you finish.

Content Vocabulary

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Key Concepts

• Explain the purpose of the HACCP system.

• Outline the processes of monitoring, corrective action, record keeping, and verification.

Main Idea

HACCP is a system developed to monitor the flow of food. The system helps foodservice workers control hazards and lower risks.

Graphic Organizer

As you read, use a sequence chart like the one below to display the steps in the HACCP system. Write out each step in the rows below in the order in which you would perform them.

critical control point minimum internal temperature food thermometer calibrate record-keeping system log

Academic Vocabulary

• improved

HACCP System

First Step:

Next Step:

Next Step:

Next Step:

Next Step:

Next Step:

Last Step:

/¡ft Graphic Organizer Go to this book's Online Learning Center at for a printable graphic organizer.

English Language Arts

NCTE 8 Use information resources to gather information and create and communicate knowledge.


NCTM Measurement

Understand measurable attributes of objects and the units, systems, and processes of measurement.

^ Science

NSES1 Develop an understanding of systems, order, and organization.

Social Studies NCSS VIII B Science, Technology, and Society

Make judgments about how science and technology have transformed our understanding of humanenvironment interactions.

NCTE National Council of Teachers of English NCTM National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

NSES National Science Education

Standards NCSS National Council for the Social Studies

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