Section 152

Review Key Concepts

1. Explain how to use a griddle.

Practice Culinary Academics English Language Arts

2. Imagine that you write an advice column for a local or school newspaper about cooking. Ask and answer two questions about using dry cooking techniques. Share your column with the class.

NCTE 5 Use different writing process elements to communicate effectively.

NSES B Develop an understanding of the interactions of energy and matter.

Social Studies

4. Choose a dry cooking technique and study its development. What were the first cultures to use the technique? How has it changed since then?

What cultures use the technique now? Create a two-page report to discuss your research.

NCSS I B Culture Predict how data and experiences may be interpreted by people from diverse cultural perspectives and frames of reference.


Procedure Cook a piece of chicken and a potato. Record the temperature immediately after removing the food from the oven. Record the temperature again each minute until the food begins to cool.

Analysis Create a chart of the cooling times for each item. What do you observe about carryover cooking times?


To pan-fry some breaded chicken cutlets, Jody adds oil to her pan so that the oil is 1/2-inch deep. If the pan is 10 inches in diameter, how many fluid ounces of oil did Jody use?

E5EEHB1I1 Volume of a Cylinder Calculate the volume (V) of a cylinder asV = iTf2h, where r = the radius of the circular base, and h is the height of the cylinder. Use 3.14 for n.

Starting Hint Find the volume in cubic inches of the oil using the formula, with 0.5 inches as h and one-half the pan's diameter as r. One cubic inch = 0.554 fluid ounces, so multiply the volume by 0.554.

NCTM Geometry Use visualization, spatial reasoning, and geometric modeling to solve problems.

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