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I Serving Safety

Many restaurants serve alcohol to guests. Servers who are old enough to serve alcohol have a responsibility to make sure that customers are old enough to drink, and use alcohol in a safe manner.

• Servers should check the identification of everyone in the party who is of questionable age. Verify the photo, name, and date of birth. If a server has questions about the identification, it should be compared to an ID guidebook.

• Assess the intoxication level of a customer. If the customer is intoxicated, the server is legally required to stop serving the customer alcohol. Servers should assess attitude changes, body language, speech, and disruptive behavior, and ask a manager for a final decision.

• If the identification is valid and the customer is not intoxicated, the server would take the order and place it with the bartender.

CRITICAL THINKING Why do you think the law requires servers to stop serving an intoxicated customer?

Ice Makers Ice makers should be used only to make and store ice. What should you do with the scoop after you are finished using it?

Do not speak so rapidly that your words run together. Also, make sure that you face customers when you speak to them. Otherwise, customers may have to ask you to repeat yourself. Your tone of voice should always be professional, pleasant, and friendly.

Nonverbal Communication

One form of nonverbal communication includes body language, or expressing your thoughts through physical action. For example, stand attentively when you take orders. This shows customers that you are listening carefully.

Here are some general guidelines:

• Do not chew gum, eat, or drink while you serve customers.

• Do not lean, slouch, or stand around with your hands in your pockets.

• Do not touch your mouth, nose, or hair while you serve customers.

Writing is a form of nonverbal communication. Service employees use writing every day on the job. For example, when you write out an order, you are using nonverbal communication. (See Figure 5.1.) Or, you may need to leave a note for a coworker or write out an accident report. It is always important to write clearly and concisely so that your message is understood.

Uiffil^ Describe the guidelines for professional body language.

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