Safety Check

| Guard Against Bacteria Growth

Sandwiches often combine hot and cold items. This is a perfect environment for bacteria growth. Follow these guidelines to avoid cross-contamination:

j Keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold. j Wash your hands with hot, soapy water before, during, and after handling different foods.

j Minimize the cross-use of utensils. j Frequently clean and sanitize all work surfaces and utensils.

CRITICAL THINKING How does keeping hot foods hot and cold foods cold help avoid cross-contamination?

• Finger Sandwiches These small, fancy closed sandwiches often have their crusts removed, and are usually cut into various shapes. Finger sandwiches are also sometimes used as appetizers.

• Wraps These easy-to-eat sandwiches are made with soft, flat breads that are folded, or wrapped, around the fillings. A wide variety of fillings can be used in these sandwiches.

Lill^UiliUil Describe What does an open-face sandwich look like?

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