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^ Prevent Salmonella

Salmonella bacteria are found in a chicken's intestinal tract. It is a serious health concern when you use raw or undercooked eggs. To avoid salmonella poisoning:

• Refrigerate eggs immediately.

• Use only pasteurized egg products.

• Do not use eggs that are broken or cracked.

• Be careful not to drop in any shell pieces with the liquid egg.

• Thoroughly wash work surfaces, tools, equipment, and your hands.

CRITICAL THINKING Why should you not use eggs that are broken or cracked?

Plate Cooked Meats

Most breakfast meats are served in combination with eggs and potatoes on the same plate. Sometimes, especially with large omelets, the meat may be served as a side dish on a separate plate. Either way, breakfast meats should be served hot, completely cooked, but not overcooked and dry. Be careful not to hold meat too long so it becomes dry.

steps of how to cook bacon in the oven.


Hash can be purchased ready-made, or can be made fresh in the commercial kitchen. Roast beef or corned beef are chopped into small cubes, and then lightly sauteed with potatoes, onions, and sometimes other vegetables such as celery and bell pepper until the entire mixture is golden brown.


Steak is usually cooked to order for breakfast menus. Depending on customer preference, steaks can be cooked rare, medium-rare, medium, medium-well, or well done. It is usually served with some form of eggs.

Egg Cookery

Knowing how to cook eggs properly is also a health issue. Undercooked eggs pose a serious health threat because of salmonella bacteria. You must understand all of the different ways to cook eggs. Cooking eggs is one measure of a chef's skill.

It is important to cook eggs at a moderate temperature. If you overcook eggs at a high temperature, you will have a tough, rubbery, and discolored final product. In addition, the eggs' flavor may be affected. Likewise, eggs that are left in a steam table will turn green if they get too hot and begin to overcook. This will make the eggs unappealing to customers.

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