Cut Food


^^ With your fingertips curled back, grip the ^^ Use the second joint of your index finger food to be cut with your thumb and three fingertips. Holding the knife in your other hand, keep the tip of the knife on the cutting board, and lift the knife's heel.

as a guide as you slice with a smooth, even, downward motion. To make slices of equal size, adjust your index finger as you work. As you slice, move your thumb and fingertips down the length of the food, using the tip of the knife as the support.


^^ Use the same grip as described in Method A. ^^ Use your wrist, not your elbow, to move the

Slice the food into the desired thickness by using the second joint of your index finger to guide you. Lift the tip of the knife and cut by moving the knife slightly toward you and down through the food.

knife. Do not apply too much downward pressure. Your wrist serves as the support for this slicing method. The weight of the knife should be doing most of the work.

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