Review and Applications

Real-World Skills and Applications

Civic Responsibility

16. Interview a Foodservice Worker Research local, state, or federal standards for the foodservice industry. Write down 10 regulations that local foodservice operations must follow. Then, find a foodservice employee or manager, and interview him or her on how restaurants can follow these regulations. Take notes during your interview. When you have finished the interview, transcribe your notes. Write a short summary of the foodservice employee's or manager's recommendations, and turn in the summary and your interview notes to your teacher.

Critical Thinking Skills

17. Evaluate Your Home Kitchen Follow your teacher's instructions to go online and search for a restaurant inspection checklist. Choose one and print it out. Then, go through your home kitchen and use the checklist to evaluate it. Note for each item whether your kitchen passes, fails, or whether that item does not apply to a home kitchen.

Technology Applications

18. Make a Slide Presentation Follow your teacher's instructions to form teams. Work as a team to develop a slide presentation on one of the following topics: ergonomics in foodservice operations, workers' compensation, or wage and labor laws. Use slide presentation software to create your presentation. Display your presentation to the class. As a class, discuss the information that was presented in each presentation, and evaluate each.

Financial Literacy

19. Calculate Minimum Wage Imagine that you have been assigned to a committee responsible for examining your state's minimum wage. You have been asked to give a recommendation for the next federal minimum wage increase. Your state's current minimum wage is $5.85 per hour. You have gathered information that shows that during the past three years, the average cost of living has risen by 10%. Figure out what the new state minimum wage should be.

Use the culinary skills you have learned in this chapter.

Use the culinary skills you have learned in this chapter.

Culinai^ Lab

Know the Law

20. Create a Chart Work as a team to research and then create a chart listing and explaining the laws presented in this chapter.

A. Make a chart. Follow your teacher's instructions to form teams. make a chart listing the titles of the various laws and regulations chapter.

B. Perform research. Use printand Internet resourcesto research the items on your team's chart.

C. List employment laws. List each law and regulation by name and explain how each one impacts employees in the workplace.

D. Create a poster. Select one law or regulation from the chart and create an educational poster that would inform foodservice employees about this law or regulation. Display the posters in class.

Working in teams, presented in this

Create Your Evaluation

Look at each team's poster and write a brief evaluation of how well the poster conveys information about the law or regulation that it is meant to portray. Assess how quickly you can tell which law is being displayed and how helpful the poster would be in a work environment. Answer these questions:

• Would it raise the awareness of someone unfamiliar with the law?

• Does it contain enough information to be helpful?


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