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Chapter Summary f

Basic employment skills for the foodservice industry include math, reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills. To find a job at a foodservice establishment, you can network with other professionals, join professional organizations, and read trade publications. You should also prepare a résumé as parti of a job portfolio. Both employers and employees have certain rights and responsibilities in the workplace. If you work well, then there will be opportunities for you to advance to positions with better pay and more responsibility.

Content and Academic Vocabulary Review

1. Label each of these vocabulary terms as a noun, verb, or adjective.

Content Vocabulary calculate (p. 84)

make change (p. 85) active listening (p. 85) distraction (p. 85) work ethic (p. 88) responsibility (p. 88) flexibility (p. 89) honesty (p. 89) reliable (p. 89) teamwork (p. 89) commitment (p. 90) leadership (p. 90) resource (p. 91) prioritize (p. 91) networking (p. 94)

Review Key Concepts

2. Demonstrate basic employability skills in foodservice.

3. Evaluate the characteristics of a positive work ethic.

4. Identify the leadership skills necessary for foodservice employment.

5. Identify sources for foodservice job leads.

6. Illustrate the proper skills to apply for a foodservice job.

7. Summarize the rights and responsibilities of employees and employers.

8. Explain the differences between tips, deductions, and benefits.

trade publication (p. 95) employment agency (p. 96) job lead (p. 96) résumé (p. 96) job application (p. 96) job portfolio (p. 96) job interview (p. 97) keyword (p. 98) evaluation (p. 105) initiative (p. 105) workers' compensation (p. 106) repetitive stress injury (p. 106) minimum wage (p. 106) compensatory time (p. 106) labor union (p. 106) discrimination (p. 106)

probation (p. 107) empathy (p. 107) ethics (p. 108) gross pay (p. 109) deduction (p. 109) net pay (p. 109) tip (p. 109) benefits (p. 110)

Academic Vocabulary

Critical Thinking

9. Imagine that you are working as the host in a restaurant. You overslept and you are running late. What should you do, and why?

10. Offer advice to your friend Carla. She wants to apply for a job as a server at a nearby restaurant. You know that she is friendly and outgoing, but that sometimes she does not finish her school assignments on time. What tips can you give her to get and keep the job?


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