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There are six categories of nutrients: carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, and water. Each are essential to the body in different ways. Foodservice operations have many options to offer healthful meals, such as cook ing with less saturated fat. Age, activity level, lifestyle, and health can all affect a person's dietary needs. How foods are prepared, cooked, and stored affects nutritional content. Use the proper techniques to preserve nutrients.

Content and Academic Vocabulary Review

1. Use at least 10 of these vocabulary terms in a brochure about personal nutrition.

Content Vocabulary

polyunsaturated fat (p. 285)

• raw vegan (p. 293)

vitamin (p. 285)

• macrobiotics (p. 293)

minerals (p. 286)

food allergy (p. 294)

additive (p. 287)

diabetes (p. 294)

Recommended Dietary

cancer (p. 295)

Allowances (RDA) (p. 289)

• phytochemicals (p. 295)

nutrition label (p. 290)

• leach (p. 298)

daily value (p. 290)

• batch cooking (p. 300)

Dietary Guidelines for

• smoking point (p. 300)

Americans (p. 290)

• purée (p. 300)

nutrient-dense food (p. 291)

glycogen (p. 293)

Academic Vocabulary

dehydration (p. 293)

• role (p. 282)

vegetarian (p. 293)

• regulate (p. 285)

lacto-vegetarian (p. 293)

• duration (p. 292)

ovo-vegetarian (p. 293)

• impact (p. 293)

lacto-ovo-vegetarian (p. 293)

• process (p. 298)

vegan (p. 293)

• lessen (p. 299)

Review Key Concepts

2. Summarize the six categories of nutrients.

3. List the types and uses of food additives.

4. Explain the purpose of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, nutrition labels, and MyPyramid.

5. Analyze how age, activity level, lifestyle, and health influence dietary needs.

6. Evaluate cooking methods to prevent nutrient loss.

7. Outline ways to reduce the amount of fat, cholesterol, and sodium in recipes.

Critical Thinking

8. Evaluate menu nutrition. Why should the dietary needs of people with health problems be considered when planning a restaurant menu?

9. Explain how you think requiring nutrition labeling on foods has affected consumers. 10. Analyze nutrition for customers. What are four questions a restaurant customer might ask about nutrition? How would you instruct servers to answer these questions?


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