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Chapter Summary f

All poultry must be inspected for safety by the USDA. The USDA first sorts poultry by species. Then, the birds are divided into classes by age and gender. Poultry flesh is made of three main components: water, protein, and fat. Fresh and frozen poultry are highly perishable and must be handled carefully. Fresh poultry should be used or frozen within 72 hours. Truss whole birds before cooking.

Follow cooking instructions for each type of bird so that well done poultry is tender and juicy. Roasting, baking, broiling, grilling, sauté-ing, pan-frying, deep-frying, and pressure-frying are all ways to cook poultry using dry heat. Simmering, poaching, and braising are moist-heat cooking methods that use liquids. Stuffing must be prepared properly and stored separately from the bird.

Content and Academic Vocabulary Review

1. Use each of these key terms and academic vocabulary words in a sentence.

Content Vocabulary

trussing (p. 575) render (p. 577) baste (p. 577) dredging (p. 579) crosshatch (p. 579) smoking point (p. 580) pressure-frying (p. 580) stuffing (p. 582) cavity (p. 582)

Academic Vocabulary

Review Key Concepts

2. Identify different kinds, classes, and market forms of poultry.

3. Explain how poultry is inspected and graded.

4. Describe how to handle, store, and prepare poultry for cooking.

5. List various dry and moist poultry cooking techniques.

6. Explain the problems that can occur when stuffing poultry.

7. List side dishes commonly served with poultry.

Critical Thinking

8. Contrast the differences between light meat and dark meat. What are some of the reasons you might choose one over the other?

9. Explain whether you agree that turkey and chicken are two of the most popular poultry choices in American culture. Why do you think this is or is not true?

10. Analyze why you think chefs might choose older, tougher birds for recipes if most customers prefer tender poultry meat.


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