Review and Applications

Real-World Skills and Applications

Information Literacy

16. Research Future Trends Using print and Internet resources, analyze the societal, cultural, ethnic, population, and economic factors that affect the foodservice industry today. What are the different factors in each category, and how will they affect the food industry in the future? Discuss your findings as a class.

Research Skills

17. Locate Culinary Training Resources Using print and Internet resources, locate information on culinary training programs in your state. Look for information on apprenticeship programs, certificate programs, associate's degree programs, and bachelor's degree programs. Make a list with the name and contact information as well as the basic requirements for each program.

Technology Applications

18. Write an E-mail Imagine that you are responding to a job listing for a line cook that requires you to respond by e-mail. Write an email requesting an interview and giving a short explanation of why you would be suitable for the job. List the skills you think will be important to have to be successful in the job. Keep your tone professional, since this is a business e-mail.

Financial Literacy

19. Determine Financial Needs Imagine that you are creating a business plan and you need to figure out your estimated budget. You have $10,000 to spend. You need to allocate 30%

of your budget to food and supplies, 50% to wages, 15% to overhead costs, and 5% to insurance. How much money will be in each category?

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