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^^ English Language Arts

11. Write a Memo Imagine you are employed as a legal consultant to the owner of a foodservice operation. The owner is hiring some new employees and wants a summary of the laws he will have to remember when making his decision of whom to hire. Write a memo summarizing the laws that would affect hiring decisions in a foodservice establishment.

NCTE 5 Use different writing process elements to communicate effectively.


12. Genetic Engineering Genetically engineered foods are appearing in every grocery store and food supplier.

Procedure Research one genetically engineered food product. Discover how the food was modified, and for what purpose. Discover what the genetically engineered food is used for, and what has been the result of its use. Also, find any controversies surrounding the use of the product and what the international reaction has been to the product.

Analysis Write a short essay to explain your findings. Cite your sources.

NSES C Develop an understanding of the molecular basis of heredity.

Certification Prep l^y Mathematics

13. Determine Egg Weights The USDA assigns different classifications to eggs based on their size. The USDA assigns a size classification of jumbo when the net weight of a dozen eggs is 30 ounces. The phrase net weight means the weight of the eggs only (total weight minus the weight of the container). Write an algebraic equation showing the relationship between the total weight, the net weight of the eggs, and the container weight for a package of a dozen jumbo eggs. If the total weight is 31.5 ounces, what is the weight of the container?

Writing Expressions Involving Subtraction When writing any algebraic expression, use variables, such as xand y, to represent any unknown values. For expressions involving subtraction, pay particular attention to the order of terms.

Starting Hint The equation should contain three values: total weight, container weight, and net weight of the eggs. Determine which two of those values are unknown, and represent those unknown amounts with variables in the equation. Determine which of those values is known, and use that actual value in the equation.

NSES C Develop an understanding of the molecular basis of heredity.

NCTM Algebra Represent and analyze mathematical situations and structures using algebraic symbols.

Directions Read the questions. Then, read the answer choices and choose the best possible answer for each.

14. Who is covered under the Federal Employment Compensation Act of 1993?

a. veterans b. people with disabilities c. federal employees d. minors

15. Who oversees the conducting of food inspections?

a. the restaurant owner b. the Food and Drug Administration c. the county government d. the Food Safety and Inspection Service

Sharpen your test-taking skills to improve your kitchen certification program score.

Test-Taking Tip

When answering multiple-choice questions, ask yourself if each option is true or false. This may help you find the best answer.


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