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Academic Skills

Social Studies

11. Research International Cuisine You will be opening a new restaurant. Use the Internet, the library, or other sources to research the use of poultry in dishes from another culture. What cooking methods are used? What spices and seasonings are used? What side dishes are served? Use presentation software or other visual aids to create a five-minute oral report on your research.

NCSS I A Culture Analyze and explain the way cultures address human needs.

English Language Arts

12. Design a Flyer Not long ago, you bought a neighborhood restaurant. The restaurant had been open for a long time but had been losing customers for a few years. The restaurant has been closed for two months while you remodeled it and designed a new menu. Design a flyer to let the neighborhood know the restaurant will reopen soon and that poultry will be a featured item on the new menu.

NCTE 5 Use different writing process elements to communicate effectively.


13. Calculate a Percentage You are planning the menu for a large, formal catering event for a local school. The menu will have a number of different choices from which to choose. The school has asked that 30% of the meals have poultry as the main entrée. You and your catering staff will be serving 500 meals. To meet the school's request, how many of the meals will include poultry?

Multiply Decimals by Whole Numbers A percent is a ratio that compares a number to 100. To write a percent as a fraction, drop the percent sign and use the number as the numerator, with a denominator of 100. Convert it to a decimal by dividing the denominator by the numerator. Starting Hint To calculate this percentage, rewrite the percent (30%) as a fraction with a denominator of 100 (3%oo); convert the fraction to a decimal (.30). Then, multiply this decimal by the number of meals (500). Remember to put the decimal point in the correct place in your answer.

NCTM Number and Operations Understand meanings of operations and how they relate to one another.

Certification Prep

Directions Read the questions. Then, read the answer choices and choose the best possible answer for each.

14. After using a cutting board to debone a chicken, the same cutting board is used to cut tomatoes. What is the proper procedure?

a. wipe the cutting board and flip it to the clean side.

b. use a section of the cutting board that was not previously used.

c. clean and sanitize the cutting board d. spray the cutting board with sanitizer and wipe it off.

15. What is the most common ingredient in stuffing?

a. breads c. seafood b. meats d. vegetables

Sharpen your test-taking skills to improve your kitchen certification program score.

Test-Taking Tip

In a multiple choice test, read the questions carefully. Look for negative words (not, never, except, unless) and positive words (always, sometimes), which can affect how you answer the problem.


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