Review and Applications

Real-World Skills and Applications

Self-Management Skills

16. Quick and Nutritious Entrée Imagine that you work in a restaurant and your manager has asked you to develop a nutritious entrée using either fish or shellfish. The entrée must be prepared quickly during busy lunch and dinner shifts. What type of fish or shellfish would you choose? Which cooking methods would you use and why? What would you add to increase nutritional value?

Interpersonal and Collaborative Skills

17. Make a Cooking Show Follow your teacher's instructions to form into groups or work together as a class to create a cooking show. Your show should demonstrate how to prepare a fish or shellfish dish. Perform your group's show for the class, and film it if possible. If you worked as a class, try to present it to another class.

Technology Applications

18. Design a Web Site Design a Web site that shows readers simple and creative ways to prepare fish and shellfish. Include several recipes, descriptions of cooking methods, and photos. Recipes should be clear and easy to follow. Descriptions of cooking methods should show individual steps of that cooking method. As a class, choose the best design and post it on your school's Web site.

Financial Literacy

19. Choose a Market Form Imagine that you need 10 pounds of salmon to make it through your next dinner service. Whole salmon weigh

5 pounds each, and you can get a 50% yield from the whole fish. How many whole fish will you need to buy to get 10 pounds?

Culinary Lab

Prepare Fish Dishes

Use the culinary skills you have learned in this chapter.

Use the culinary skills you have learned in this chapter.

20. Work in a Team Break into teams at the direction of your teacher. In this lab, you will work together to process and prepare a fish dish.

A. Process fish. First, practice processing fish into these forms: drawn, dressed, fillets, steaks, butterflied, and cubed. Be sure to follow safety guidelines and use safe knife handling techniques.

B. Prepare your fish. After processing the fish, choose one of the following techniques and prepare the fish: baking, broiling, grilling, sauteing, pan-frying, or deep-frying.

C. Determinedoneness. Determinethedonenessofyour fish using tips from this chapter.

D. Present your fish. Plate and garnish yourfish to make it appealing, and share your creation with other teams.

Create Your Evaluation

Taste each team's fish and answer the following questions:

• Was the form of each team's fish recognizable even after cooking? Why or why not?

• Was the cooking method for each team's fish appropriate to the market form? Why or why not?

• How would you rate the visual appeal and flavor of each team's fish on a scale of 1 to 5?


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