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• Outline the steps in making and plating different types of hot sandwiches.

• Explain the procedure for making various types of cold sandwiches.

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Sandwiches can be either hot or cold.

Many of the same type of ingredients are used in hot or cold sandwiches.

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As you read, use a web diagram like the one below to list the four tips to keep in mind when you make hot open-face sandwiches.

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• Monte Cristo sandwich j au jus j salad

• pastrami sandwich

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From the all-American hot dog to the elegant Monte Cristo, hot sandwiches are popular with customers of all ages. Cold sandwiches, such as tuna salad or bacon, lettuce, and tomato, are ordered by customers every day. Many of the same types of ingredients can be used in hot and cold sandwiches.

Types of Hot Sandwiches

Examples of closed hot sandwiches include grilled ham and cheese and hot barbecued chicken. Popular open-face hot sandwiches are hot turkey and hot beef sandwiches, usually served with mashed potatoes and gravy. Hot crab with cheese and avocado is another example of a hot open-face sandwich.

One of the most popular hot open-face sandwiches is pizza. Pizza can be made with either a thin or a thick crust. There are many pizza topping combinations, such as pepperoni and mushroom. Many restaurants regularly offer individual-size pizzas, and some restaurants offer unusual toppings, such as barbecued chicken.

Sandwich-Making Techniques When you set up a sandwich work station, have these utensils close at hand: sharp knives, serving spoons, a spatula, a toaster, tongs, and a cutting board.

Basic Sandwiches

Basic sandwiches contain at least one hot filling. The filling may be sandwiched between two slices of bread as a closed sandwich or served open-face. Basic closed sandwiches include the hamburger and hot dog. Tortillas are used to make burritos or tacos, with a hot filling of chicken, beef, or seafood inside. These fillings are often combined with cold vegetables such as lettuce, tomatoes, onions, or avocado.

Grilled Sandwiches

Grilled cheese sandwiches are a traditional favorite. To make a grilled sandwich, you would butter and then brown the outside of each slice of bread on the griddle. You can create an interesting variation, or change, such as grilled cheese and avocado or grilled tuna and cheese.

Combination Fillings Hot fillings are often combined with cold vegetables such as avocado, lettuce, tomatoes, or onions. What might you serve with this hot sandwich?

Fried Sandwiches

Have you ever heard of a Monte Cristo sandwich? There are many varieties of this classic sandwich. Some old, elegant hotel dining rooms built their reputations on their own special versions of the Monte Cristo.

A Monte Cristo is a closed, shallow-fried or deep-fried sandwich. Some chefs make Monte Cristos with thin slices of ham and Swiss cheese and Dijon mustard. Others include turkey or chicken breast and use butter or mayonnaise between the layers. Some chefs also add a layer of strawberry or raspberry jam. The sandwich is then dipped in egg batter and either shallow-fried or deep-fried.

Hot Sandwich Preparation

Here are some tips to keep in mind when you prepare hot sandwiches: j When you grill sandwiches, the filling is only heated, not cooked. Make sure all hot meat fillings are thoroughly cooked before you grill them.




Earl of Sandwich invents the modern sandwich

The Stamp Act is passed

The History of the Sandwich

Hoagies, subs, and grinders are all varieties of the popular sandwich. Some historians believe that the very first sandwich was made in ancient times during a Jewish Passover seder. It consisted of chopped nuts and spices between two pieces of matzoh. Centuries later, legends say that the Earl of Sandwich in England created a bread-enclosed food that would eventually evolve into the diet staple that we know today.

History Application

Imagine that you own a sandwich shop that features sandwiches from around the world. Create a menu board that lists all the varieties of sandwiches you sell and what ingredients they feature.

NCSS I E Culture Demonstrate the value of cultural diversity, as well as cohesion, within and across groups.

• Completely assemble the sandwiches before grilling. Because most of them contain cheese, they cannot be pulled apart to add other fillings after they are heated.

• Make sure that cold fillings, such as lettuce, are crisp and cold. If they are placed underneath hot fillings such as cheese, they may wilt.

• Some cooks place cold fillings on the side for the customer to add to the sandwich when it is served. This is almost always done with hamburgers. The lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickles are placed to the side.

• Do not overload hot wraps or they will become messy to eat. If one ingredient is too chunky, it can break the wrap or cause everything to fall out.

• Make sure that hot sandwiches are served on warm plates.

Hot Sandwich Plating

Hot sandwiches may be served either open-face or closed. Grilled cheese sandwiches, for example, are usually served closed. Hamburgers may be served either open or closed. Hot turkey or crab sandwiches are sometimes served open-face with gravy or sauce spooned on top.

Hot sandwiches are often served with a side salad or a cup of soup. Potatoes, such as French fries, are another popular side dish.

Tips for Hot Open-Face Sandwiches

Here are some tips to keep in mind when you serve hot open-face sandwiches:

• If the sandwich has gravy, sauce, or melted cheese on top, do not let the sauce run onto any cold items on the plate. No one wants to eat carrots covered in gravy, or lettuce drowning in barbecue sauce.

• Do not oversauce items.

• Make sure the sauce is not too thin or too thick.

• Make a nest for the lettuce or put cold relishes in a seashell for an elegant presentation.


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