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Breakfast foods are very popular. In the United States, many people eat breakfast foods at any meal. The standard breakfast menu includes eggs, meat, potatoes, breads, pancakes, waffles, cereals, fruit, and yogurt. Some restaurants offer customers more unusual choices, such as a special pizza or breakfast burritos. In short, anything goes!

Most restaurants that serve breakfast offer a variety of similar options and combinations. Eggs are often served either scrambled, over-easy, hard, basted, poached, or as omelets. Eggs usually come with some form of breakfast bread. This could include toast, biscuits, or an English muffin. It could also include potatoes that have been sauteed or fried. Egg dishes may also be accompanied by meat, such as bacon, ham, or sausage.

Breads such as pancakes, French toast, and waffles can be ordered in combination with eggs and a meat choice, or alone. An example would be a stack of three to five pancakes with butter and syrup or fruit toppings. A small stack of two pancakes may accompany an egg dish.

Potatoes such as home fries, hash browns, and cottage fries are a common side dish for breakfast. Home fries are usually diced or sliced. Hash browns are shredded and may include onions and seasonings. For cottage fries, the potatoes are cut into %-inch thick circles, and then baked or broiled.

More often than not, breakfast items may be ordered a la carte so that the customers can create their own combination of foods. This can also be profitable for the restaurant. But foodservice workers must know how to prepare a wide variety of breakfast proteins and breads. They also must learn to prepare breakfast items quickly and with skill. Most restaurant customers want their breakfast to be ready quickly

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