Quantities of Sandwiches

Add any other vegetables onto the spread. Add the filling.

^^ Set up your work station so that all necessary utensils and ingredients are close at hand. Items should be within your range of motion to avoid unnecessary movements that cause fatigue.

^^ Arrange slices of bread or rolls in equal rows on the sheet pan.

^ Use a spatula to apply a spread to each slice of bread or portion of the roll. This seals the bread before the filling is added. It helps prevent sandwiches from getting soggy.

Q Arrange any base vegetables such as lettuce on top of the spread.

Add any other vegetables onto the spread. Add the filling.

^ Use a spatula to spread the filling evenly.

I Add tomatoes. Using both hands, cover the two middle rows with the remaining slices of bread or half of the roll.

Either plate the sandwiches immediately or wrap them in plastic wrap and refrigerate until they are served.



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