White Stock

Cut bones into 3- to 4-inch piecess. Chicken and fish bones do not need to be cut.

Rinse the bones in cold water to remove any impurities. You can blanch the bones, if desired. Place the bones in a stockpot.

Add cold water until the bones are completely covered. Cold water dissolves impurities ((,)im'pyur-9-tes) and blood in the bones it covers. These impurities will clump and rise to the surface when the water heats, where they can be skimmed off the top. Using hot water will cause the impurities to clump too rapidly. This prevents them from rising to the top and results in a cloudy stock.

^ Bring water to a boil. Then, reduce it to a simmer to slowly release the full flavor of the ingredients.

^^ To keep the stock clear, use a skimmer or ladle to remove any impurities and fat from the surface. Skim as needed.

^ Add the mirepoix. Boiling makes the stock cloudy, so keep the water at a simmer.

Make sure liquid is still completely covering the bones. Bones will not release their flavor unless they are under water, and will darken if exposed to air.

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