Plate and Serve Hot Appetizers

Appetizers should be presented in an attractive, functional way. Appetizers served at the table, in a buffet, or at a cocktail party provide a chance for creative plating.

Table Service

The art of serving hot appetizers to each individual at the table depends on the appetizer. For example, brochettes could be served on a small plate, with a garnish to the side. When you serve appetizers at the table, take the opportunity to make each plate or bowl a special presentation.

Hot Appetizer
^J A Hot Idea Hot appetizers can be arranged and served on attractive plates or trays and taken to individual tables. What are two other ways that hot appetizers may be served?

Buffet Service

For buffet service, food is presented all together on one or more tables. The individual presentation depends on how the appetizers are grouped on each serving plate. Place a garnish on each plate that holds appetizers. Arrange appetizers and garnishes in a manner that is visually pleasing. Allow space between each one so that they can be picked up easily.

Butler Service

Appetizers that are carried on a serving plate at a standing event, such as a party or reception, are passed according to what is called butler service. When appetizers are passed, people must be able to choose them and eat them easily while standing. Items on the plate should flow toward the customer. Be sure each item can be eaten in one or two bites and without a knife and fork. They should be given a napkin on which to hold the appetizer.

Holding and Storage

For hot appetizers to taste their best, they should be served hot. This often means cooking and assembling them just prior to serving.

Some appetizers, such as Swedish meatballs, may be baked and then kept warm for a short period of time. Other appetizers, such as bouchées, need to be assembled just before serving because they do not keep well. Chafing dishes are the best option for holding appetizers on a buffet line.

A polysulfone container can be used to hold appetizers on the steam table or to store appetizers in the refrigerator. These containers range in size from 6 inches by 12 inches, to 12 inches by 20 inches. They can be as deep as 6 inches. In other words, they can hold a large supply of food.

I Describe How should you hold appetizers on a buffet line?


Review Key Concepts

1. Describe what a meatball is.

2. Compare and contrast table service and butler service.

Practice Culinary Academics ^^ English Language Arts

3. Create a public service announcement to promote healthy appetizer choices. Include examples of healthy appetizers as suggestions. Present your announcement to the class.

NCTE 12 Use language to accomplish individual purposes.

Mathematics g


4. Procedure Make an appetizer before dinner for the next two to three days. Analysis Track the sensory qualities and how the appetizer affects your appetite. What do you observe about what makes a good appetizer? Create a chart that records your observations.

NSES A Develop abilities necessary to do scientific inquiry.

5. Carlo has been instructed to make 200 meatballs, each an inch in diameter. Approximately how many cups of meatball mixture (consisting of ground beef and other ingredients) must he prepare to form all 200 meatballs?

I Spherical Volume The volume (V) of a sphere (or ball) is calculated using the formula V = 4/3nr3, where r is the radius of the sphere. Use 3.14 for n.

Starting Hint Find the volume in cubic inches of one meatball, and multiply by 200 to find the total volume needed for all meatballs. Convert to cups by dividing cubic inches by 14.4. Round to the nearest cup.

NCTM Measurement Apply appropriate techniques, tools, and formulas to determine measurements.

Pi Check your answers at this book's Online Learning Center at

Chapter Summary f

There are five types of sandwiches: closed, open-face, triple-decker, finger, and wraps. Utensils needed at a sandwich work station include sharp knives, serving spoons or scoops, and a toaster. Guidelines for preparing hot sandwiches include completely assembling grilled sandwiches before cooking. Guidelines for preparing cold sandwiches include using the freshest bread possible.

Appetizers are served as the first course of a meal. They are often served before the soup. They are served after the soup in a classical dinner. Appetizers may be prepared ahead of time and assembled just before serving, or may be prepared and cooked just prior to serving. Appetizer service depends on what, where, and when the appetizers are being served. The type of appetizer and occasion determine the presentation.

Content and Academic Vocabulary Review

1. Use each of these vocabulary words in a sentence.

Content Vocabulary

Pullman loaf (p. 488)

croissant (p. 488) focaccia (p. 489) kaiser roll (p. 489) torpedo roll (p. 489) pita (p. 489) tortilla (p. 489) chapatti (p. 489) phyllo (p. 489) crêpe (p. 489)

mayonnaise (p. 490) pesto (p. 490) sauerkraut (p. 491) grilled sandwich (p. 496) Monte Cristo (p. 497) au jus (p. 499) pastrami (p. 499) club sandwich (p. 499) salad sandwich (p. 499) brochette (p. 502) bouchée (p. 502)

Academic Vocabulary

Review Key Concepts

2. Identify different types of sandwiches.

3. Distinguish between various breads and spreads for sandwiches.

4. Select appropriate sandwich fillings.

5. Outline the steps in making and plating different types of hot sandwiches.

6. Explain the procedure for making various types of cold sandwiches.

7. Give examples of various types of hot appetizers.

8. Categorize methods for serving hot appetizers.

Critical Thinking

9. Explain how cost-control and portion-control techniques might be used when making sandwiches.

10. Imagine that you must provide appetizers. The items you have on hand are potatoes, fish, bacon, bell peppers, onions, and cheese. What would you make?

Academic Skills

^^ English Language Arts

11. Give Directions As a class, think of names of sandwiches that you know. Write the names down on cards. Place all of the cards into a hat, and draw a card out of a container at the instruction of your teacher. Follow your teacher's instructions to pair up into partners. Take turns giving each other instructions on how to prepare your sandwich. Do research if necessary.

NCTE 4 Use written language to communicate effectively.

Social Studies

12. Global Appetizers Many cultures have traditional recipes that make small-size dishes that would be appropriate served as hot appetizers. Research and locate five dishes from different countries around the world that could also be prepared as a hot appetizer. Write a short summary of the ingredients and preparation for each dish. You may include photos or illustrations with your summaries, if you wish.


13. Make Cheeseburgers The diner whereTak works purchases pre-sliced cheddar cheese for burgers, but Tak must form the ground beef patties by hand. The patties must be wide enough that the cheese does not overlap the edges. If each cheese slice is a uniform 3 inches by 4 inches, what is the minimum diameter of the hamburger patties that Tak must make?

^^^^^ Pythagorean Theorem The

Pythagorean Theorem states that, for right triangles, a2 + b2 = c2 (where c is the length of the hypotenuse, or side opposite the right angle, and a and b represent the other two sides). Starting Hint Draw a rectangle representing the cheese slice, labeling two opposing sides as 3 inches and the others as 4 inches. Draw a circle around (but bigger than) the rectangle, representing the hamburger patty. The smallest possible circle you can draw would just barely touch the four corners of the rectangle. If you were to draw a diagonal line connecting two of the corners, this line would also be the diameter of the circle. Use the Pythagorean Theorem to find the length of this line.

NCSS I E Culture Demonstrate the value of cultural diversity, as well as cohesion, within and across groups.

Certification Prep

NCTM Geometry Use visualization, spatial reasoning, and geometric modeling to solve problems.

Directions Read the questions. Then, read the answer choices and choose the best possible answer for each.

14. What type of sandwich classification is pizza?

a. closed sandwich b. open-face sandwich c. triple-decker sandwich d. finger sandwich

15. What is the consistent ingredient in all rumaki?

a. blanched bacon b. vegetables c. meat d. fruit

Sharpen your test-taking skills to improve your kitchen certification program score.

Start studying for tests early and review the material a little at a time. Do not wait until the night before and try to review everything at once.

Real-World Skills and Applications

Management Skills

16. Revamp a Menu Imagine that you have reviewed your establishment's lunch menu and determined that more items from the Milk, Vegetables, and Fruits Groups are needed. You decide to add some sandwiches to provide these groups. Write descriptions of five sandwiches that will provide items from these groups.

Interpersonal and Collaborative Skills

17. Reinvent an Appetizer Divide into groups at the direction of your teacher. Imagine that you are caterers who have been hired to cater an event for vegetarians. As a group, reinvent some of the appetizers described in the chapter so that they would be an appropriate choice for vegetarians.

Technology Applications

18. Design a Database Design a nutrition database for 10 sandwiches using a spreadsheet or database program. Make sure to include both sandwiches with meat and some without. Research and provide nutritional information for each sandwich as one of the columns in your spreadsheet or fields in your database.

Financial Literacy

19. Compare Costs You want to make a ham and cheese sandwich and are looking at your ingredient options. You need 4 ounces of cheese, 4 ounces of meat, and 2 slices of bread for each sandwich. Ham costs $5 per ^ pound. Cheese costs $4 per ^ pound. Bread costs $4.50 for 18 slices. How much will each sandwich cost to make?

Culinary Lab

Use the culinary skills you have learned in this chapter.

Quantity Sandwich Production

20. Cater a Picnic Imagine that your class has received an order to cater an outdoor picnic.

You will need to provide 25 cold meat sandwiches using whole-wheat, rye, sourdough, and white bread.

A. Choose a sandwich. Follow your teacher's instructions to form teams. As a team choose one type of sandwich to make. Create a chart to show the sandwich type, bread, filling, spread, cheese, garnish, and accompaniments.

B. Arrange yourworkspace. Draw a diagram of how you will arrange your workspace, with all ingredients and utensils in place.

C. List sandwich-making steps. Write out detailed guidelines for each step of the sandwich-making process

D. Evaluate your processes. Share your team's sandwich production plan and work space guide with the other teams.

Use the culinary skills you have learned in this chapter.

Create Your Evaluation

Evaluate each team's production plan as a group discussion. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using each plan to make the sandwiches. Then, as a group, decide on which team has created the most workable plan. Prepare all of the sandwiches according to the chosen plan. Then, discuss what you learned about sandwich production from the experience of planning and then making sandwiches in quantity.


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