Nuts and Seeds

Almonds A medium-brown nut that is white inside, almonds can be sweet or bitter. Sweet almonds are eaten; bitter almonds are used as a source for almond flavoring. Almonds are available whole in the shell, shelled, skinned, sliced, in pieces, or as a paste.

Cashews The cashew is the edible seed of a tropical evergreen tree. Most cashews are salted and roasted. They are available raw or toasted.

Chestnuts Chestnuts are sweet nuts that contain more starch and less fat than other nuts. They can be roasted, boiled, or steamed. Chestnuts are available whole in the shell, dried, and canned in water or syrup.

Hazelnuts Hazelnuts grow in clusters and are the nut of the hazelnut tree. They are sweet, rich, grape-size nuts and often are used in salads and main dishes.

Peanuts Although peanuts are considered nuts, they are actually small legumes that resemble peas. The two most common types are Virginia and Spanish peanuts. The Virginia peanut has larger kernels and more flavor than the Spanish variety. Many people are allergic to peanuts. Customers should be told which menu items include peanuts. Peanuts are available as dry roasted, granules, salted, unsalted, and in the shell.

Pecans Pecans are the nut of the pecan tree. They have a very thin shell. Pecans are available whole in the shell, chopped, and in halves.

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