Meal Planning Guidelines

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Today's customers want nutritious, tasty meals.

Before You Read

Get Your Rest The more well rested and alert you are when you sit down to study, the more likely you will be to remember the information later. Studying in the same state of mind as when you are likely to take a test (fully rested and mentally sharp) will help to ensure your best performance.

V EngliSh La"9ua9e


NCTE 5 Use different writing process elements to communicate effectively.

Read to Learn

Key Concepts

• Explain the purpose of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, nutrition labels, and MyPyramid.

• Analyze how age, activity level, lifestyle, and health influence dietary needs.

Main Idea

Government guidelines and dietary recommendations can help a professional chef create well-balanced meals. A well-planned menu should take into account different lifestyles and health needs.

Content Vocabulary

• Recommended

• ovo-



Allowance (RDA)

.j lacto-ovo-

j nutrition label


• daily value

• vegan

• Dietary Guidelines

• raw vegan

for Americans

• macrobiotics

• nutrient-dense

• food



• glycogen

j diabetes

• dehydration

• cancer

• vegetarian

• phytochemical

• lacto-vegetarian

V EngliSh La"9ua9e


NCTE 5 Use different writing process elements to communicate effectively.

Academic Vocabulary

Graphic Organizer

Use a table like this one to illustrate the four factors that influence dietary needs and how they affect those dietary needs.

Dietary Needs



Graphic Organizer Go to this book's Online Learning Center at for a printable graphic organizer.

j' Mathematics

NCTM Problem Solving

Apply and adapt a variety of appropriate strategies to solve problems. n*!

■■ n Social Studies NCSS VIII B Science, Technology, and Society

Make judgments about how science and technology have transformed the physical world and human society.

NCSS II F Time, Continuity, and Change

Apply ideas, theories, and modes of historical inquiry to analyze historical and contemporary developments.

NCTE National Council of Teachers of English

NCTM National Council of Teachers of Mathematics NSES National Science Education Standards

NCSS National Council for the Social Studies

Government Guidelines

For almost 100 years, the U. S. government has provided dietary guidelines and recommendations to help consumers make healthful food choices. It is important for foodservice professionals to know these guidelines. They can help you create well-balanced meals. In addition, you must be aware of the factors that influence a person's dietary needs. These factors include age, activity level, lifestyle, and health.

Recommended Dietary Allowances

The Recommended Dietary Allowances

(RDAs) are developed by the Food and Nutrition Board of the National Academy of Sciences. The RDA shows the amount of each essential nutrient that will meet the nutritional needs of the majority of healthy Americans for a day. RDAs are updated about every five years.

Nutrition Labels

The Nutrition Labeling and Education Act of 1990 required that most foods have

.Y FiGUREiiTe Nutrition Label Sections

Read the Label The top section of a nutrition label contains information that varies with each food product. What does the bottom part of the label contain?

Limit these Nutrients

Get Enough of these Nutrients

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