Industry Standards

Imagine that you have just received a shipment of eggs from a supplier. How would you know if the eggs were safe or of good quality? Foodservice industry standards let you know for sure. Government laws and regulations increase the safety of food products. They also regulate safety in the workplace.

A standard is an established model or example used to compare quality. With standards in place, managers and food safety professionals can judge a business's performance, or the way a foodservice business operates. If a standard is not met, the foodservice operation is written up as being in violation. A violation means not following a rule. The operation may pay a fine. It could even be closed down if the violation is serious.

The main goal of the foodservice industry is to provide good quality food and service to customers. To do this, all of these quality standards must be considered: safety, nutritional value, appearance, consistency, flavor, texture, convenience, ease of handling, packaging, and storage.

happens if a foodservice standard is not met?

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