Holding and Service Equipment

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• steam table

• proofing/holding cabinet

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• replenish

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Key Concepts

• Identify the uses of hot food holding equipment.

• Evaluate the uses of service equipment.

Main Idea

Holding equipment holds hot foods and maintains their temperature. Service equipment consists of all types of equipment for serving food to customers.

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Holding Equipment

Service Equipment

^ English Language Arts

NCTE 5 Use different writing process elements to communicate effectively.

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Holding Equipment

Many times, foodservice operations cater meals or serve them buffet style. Keeping pre-prepared food hot requires special equipment designed to keep foods either hot or cold.

Steam tables, a bain marie, overhead warmers, and proofing/holding cabinets are used to hold hot foods. A steam table, or food warmer, keeps prepared foods warm in serving lines. A bain marie (,ban-m9-'re), or water bath, is used to keep foods such as sauces and soups warm. A proofing/holding cabinet is an enclosed, air-tight metal container with wheels that can hold sheet pans of food. The purpose of this equipment is to keep foods at a temperature of at least 135°F (57°C) until the food is served. The high temperature prevents bacteria from growing.

When food is being kept warm at high temperatures, the texture and color are likely to change. To prevent this, you should replenish, or restock, foods frequently.

I Explain When would a steam table be used instead of a bain marie?

Service Equipment

Foodservice operations need to have a variety of service equipment. Service equipment can be used in the dining room, at a buffet, or at a catered function, or event. Service equipment includes anything used to serve the customer, including hotel pans. (See Figure 9.3 and Figure 9.4.)

ulWIHiMi^ust Name at least five pieces of service equipment.

L IFTGURE9I3 Hotel Pan Capacity

Storage Variety Hotel pans come in a number of different sizes. What are the advantages of using hotel pans to cook and serve food?

Hotel Pan Size

Approximate Capacity

Hotel Pan Size

Approximate Capacity

Full Size 20 % in. X 12 % in.

• 2 % in. deep = 8.3 qts.

One-Third Size 6 7/s in. X 12 % in.

• 2 % in. deep = 2.6 qts.

• 4 in. deep = 13 qts.

• 4 in. deep = 4.1 qts.

• 6 in. deep = 20 quarts

• 6 in. deep = 6.1 qts.

Half-Size Long 20 % in. X 6 7/ia in.

• 4 in. deep = 5.7 qts.

One-Fourth Size 6 38 in. X 10 3/8 in.

• 6 in. deep = 4.5 qts.

Two-Third Size 13 % in. X 12 % in.

• 2 % in. deep = 5.6 qts.

One-Sixth Size 6 7/s in. X 6 V4 in.

• 2 % in. deep = 1.2 qts.

• 4 in. deep = 9.3 qts.

• 4 in. deep = 1.8 qts.

• 6 in. deep = 14 qts.

• 6 in. deep = 2.7 qts.

Half Size 10 % in. X 12 % in.

• 6 in. deep = 10 qts.

One-Ninth Size 6 7/s in. X 4 V4 in.

• 4 in. deep = 1.1 qts.

Steam Table Foods are placed in hotel pans and placed into steam tables filled with steaming hot water. The pans are covered with either flat or domed lids. The temperature of the water is kept hot enough to keep foods warm while they are being served.

Bain Marie Foods are placed in bain-marie inserts, which are then placed into a bain marie that is filled with hot water. A bain marie also can be used to melt ingredients that will be used in other dishes. A bain marie can also be used to bake certain products.

Overhead Warmers Overhead warmers are used in the service area to keep foods hot until they are picked up by the serving staff and delivered to the customer. Food should be kept under an overhead warmer for a short time. The heat can cause foods to dry out quickly.

Internal Proofing Equipment

Proofing/Holding Cabinet Temperature and humidity levels are controlled inside the cabinet. The internal climate of proofing/holding cabinets is ideal for proofing yeast-dough products. They are also used to keep food at 135°F (57°C) or above during service.

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