Herbs and Spices in Action

Use the culinary skills you have learned in this chapter.

Use the culinary skills you have learned in this chapter.

20. Create a Sauce Working in teams, you will use herbs and spices to create a unique sauce. Think about the food you will serve it with and the desired final outcome.

A. Choose seasonings and flavorings. Choose a basic sauce to prepare. Review the list of herbs and spices and investigate how they are used with various foods.

B. Decide on the details. Decide which spices or herbs will produce the unique flavor your team wants for its sauce. Also, decide on the best time to add your seasonings to produce the maximum flavor.

C. Prepare your sauce. Cook your sauce, adding the seasonings you have chosen. Write down the ingredients and amounts used, and the steps you took when you prepared the sauce. When you are satisfied with the sauce, write out the recipe for others to use.

D. Do a taste test. Taste every team's sauce. Evaluate each sauce, and keep a record of your evaluations.

Create Your Evaluation

Share your team's sauce with the class. Evaluate each team's sauce for flavor, color, and texture. Use the following rating scale to score each team's sauce: 1 = Poor; 2 = Fair; 3 = Good; 4 = Great. Discuss your ratings as a class and why you chose the ratings you did for each group. After hearing your ratings, think about ways to improve the sauce.



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