General Layout

A foodservice operation's design is important to customers. As an employee, you will also be affected by the design of the workplace, or the space in which you will perform your job. A foodservice operation must be designed so that employees can do their tasks efficiently. The business facility also must be designed so that customers can enjoy their dining experience without distraction.


Dividing space to meet customer and preparation staff needs is called balance. For example, suppose a manager decides to squeeze the maximum number of customers into the dining area as allowed by law. The space that is left over is where the kitchen is built. It is important to consider how different areas will work together. Although more customers can fit into the restaurant, the kitchen may not be able to handle large numbers of orders efficiently.


One of the most important factors in design is the menu. The equipment, storage space, and work surfaces that are needed to make the menu items will all affect how a facility is designed.

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