Develop a Safety Manua

Use the culinary skills you have learned in this chapter.

Use the culinary skills you have learned in this chapter.

20. Create a Manual In this culinary lab activity, you will work as part of a team to create a complete safety manual for a foodservice operation.

A. Plan the contents. Your manual should include the following information:

Table of contents

Short paragraph on the importance of workplace safety

How OSHA and the EPA ensure workplace safety

Employer and employee workplace safety responsibilities

Kitchen safety guidelines

First aid guidelines and a list of local emergency numbers

Cross-contamination prevention guidelines Safe cleaning supply, chemical, and pesticide disposal

Protective clothing checklist Personal hygiene tips

Prepare your manual. Discuss how you can present each item in your manual, and assign topics to each team member to research.

C. Conduct research. First, review the material in the chapter for information. Then, conduct additional research in your school library or on the Internet. Select pictures to include in your manual to illustrate the topics.

D. Write the manual. As a team, put together the results of your research in a word processing document. Insert the information and pictures in the proper order.

E. Share your work. Share your team's safety manual with the class and display it in the classroom.

Create Your Evaluation

Create a sheet that contains the following categories: Completeness, Organization, Appearance, Writing Quality, and Clarity. Rate the manuals from 1 to 10 for each of the qualities. Provide a short summary of what each manual did well, and how each could be improved.


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