Culinary Lab

Plan a New Restaurant

Use the culinary skills you have learned in this chapter.

Use the culinary skills you have learned in this chapter.

20. Plan with a Team Working in teams, plan a new restaurant for your area, and then present your plan to the rest of the class.

A. Find a location. Follow your teacher's instructions to form teams. Think of all the restaurants already in your area. Try to find a location that is not already filled with the same type of establishments.

B. Choose restaurant categories. Use the information in the chapter about types of restaurant and types of service to determine which categories your restaurant will fit. Consider the needs and abilities of the community when you make this decision.

C. Decide on the details. After selecting the type of operation and meal service, decide on the price range, environment, menu, and decor.

D. Make a poster. Create a poster showing the location, type, and meal service of your restaurant.

E. Present your plans. Share your team's plans for a new restaurant with the class.

Create Your Evaluation

When you listen to other teams describe their restaurant, think about why their plans sound like they could succeed. Make a list of the restaurants in the order that you would visit them. Explain after each why you placed it in the order that you did. Include what attracted you to it, or what made you less interested.

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