Culinary Lab

Conduct a Yield Test

Use the culinary skills you have learned in this chapter.

20. Test Foods in Teams Working in groups as directed by your teacher, you will conduct a yield test on 10 carrots, 4 apples, 1 bunch of celery, 4 oranges, 1 head cabbage, 4 bananas, 4 onions, and 1 coconut.

A. Weigh yourfoods. Weigh each food producton a food scale. This is the AP weight. Record this number on a sheet of paper.

B. Trim yourfoods. Clean and trim thefood product ofunusable parts and weigh those parts. This is the trim loss. Record this number.

C. Calculate yield weight. Subtract the trim loss from the AP weight. This is the yield weight. Record the yield weight, then divide it by the AP weight. This is the yield percentage. Record this number.

D. Create menu items. Follow your teacher's instructions to form two teams:

a vegetable team and a fruit team. Create a menu item based on the fruits or vegetables as prepared. Prepare a single portion of the menu item and serve it to the other team.

E. Calculate portions. Use the yield weights of the combined food products to figure out how much of each ingredient you would need to purchase to make two servings.

Create Your Evaluation

Create a chart that contains the results from each team. Compare and evaluate the results. Notice how the results differ and how they are the same. Discuss possible reasons for results that differ from team to team. Write an analysis under the chart that explains possible reasons for the differing results in the chart.


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