Foodservice Careers

Use the culinary skills you have learned in this chapter.

Use the culinary skills you have learned in this chapter.

20. Career Report In this lab, you will research jobs that interest you and present information about them in a report to the class.

A. Choosejob titles. Identify at least five different job titles from the ones listed in this chapter that are of interest to you.

B. Researchjob skills. Use print and Internet resources to research the job titles you selected. Your research should include: a description of the job, a list of other titles the job may be known as, key skills needed, education and training requirements, average salary, list of resources used for research, and the pros and cons of your chosen jobs.

C. Interview a foodservice worker. If possible, interview someone who holds each position. Ask what role personal priorities and family responsibilities played in his or her career choice.

D. Create your report. Once you have completed your research, organize the job title information into a report.

E. Present your report. Present your report to the class.

Create Your Evaluation

Evaluate the reports of your classmates. Create an evaluation sheet that has the names of each presenter, along with your comments about their report. Include praise and constructive criticism, as well as further questions you might have for the presenter about the jobs. Also note whether the jobs they described sounded appealing to you or not.


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