Stockpot A stockpot has straight sides and is taller than it is wide. A stockpot is used to cook large quantities of liquid on the range, such as stocks or soups. Some stockpots have a spigot at the bottom so that liquid can be drained off without lifting the pot.

Saucepot The saucepot is similar in shape to a stockpot, only not as deep. The saucepot is used for rangetop cooking.

Saucepan A saucepan has a long handle and straight sides. It is primarily used for heating and cooking food in liquid. Saucepans come in many sizes.

Sauté Pans There are two types of sauté pans: a pan with straight sides and a pan with sloped sides. Both are used to sauté and fry foods. The sloped pan allows the chef to flip items without using a spatula.

Wok A wok is useful for fast rangetop cooking. The wok's height and sloped sides are well suited for tossing ingredients, an essential step in stir-frying. Once food has been cooked, it can be pushed to the side of the pan, leaving the hot center free for new ingredients.

Cast-Iron Skillet A cast-iron skillet is a heavy pan that can withstand high heat. It is useful for frying and sauteing a variety of items when steady, even heat is desired.

Hotel Pans The cooked foods in a steam table are held in hotel pans. Hotel pans are often used to store refrigerated food and hold casseroles during baking. They come in many different sizes.

Roasting Pan A roasting pan is used to roast various types of meat and poultry. A lift-out rack that fits in the bottom of the pan allows fat and juices to drain off the food.

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